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Company Story

Premier Art Decor Works L.L.C. was established in 2004 after the great success of it's sister company United

Development Company. Over the course of time in business in the UAE, It had the great honor to complete

many prestigious projects for both the government and the private sector that lead the company to become

well known in the interior and exterior decoration industry in the UAE.


Premier Art Decor Works L.L.C. was found by Mr. Hisham Abdulkader Murad after completing extraordinary

projects in both the United arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Premier Art Decor Works L.L.C. offers solutions and services for many types of projects such as: Residential

villas, Commercial buildings, Mosques, Islamic centres, palaces but yet not limited to them. Our portfolio

shows the quality of our work which created a solid bond between it and the clients which can vary between

governmental and private sector clients.


The most significant factor of the company's success during the last decade is our dedication to provide smart

and effictive solutions for the the client's requirements while considering the client's budget without tempering

with the aesthetic quality of the product. Premier Art Decor Works L.L.C. is always commited to deliver the

highest quality professional services with the most competitive prices in the current UAE market.

Premier Art Decor Works L.L.C. has been providing the clients with reliable solutions for the most complex

exterior decorations, in specifically stone and marble decorations, which up to this day never failed to achieve

the unique and exquisite decorations to provide the client with a unique style that is cannot be found else



"Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art." Frank Lloyd Wright.

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